Sales Funnel Copywriting

Sales Funnel Copywriting

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Book our sales funnel copywriting service and eliminate freelancer frustration and editing lackluster AI outputs.

Between the live streams, the phone consultations, the questions in your DMs, and all the social media posts, it feels like you are working a lot harder than you should to get a sale. Do you want to continuously grow your revenue, easily capture new leads, and automatically close sales? A sales funnel is the system every business should have in place to attract, convince and convert potential customers.



Say goodbye to complex quotes, hourly billing, or revision fees.


Create your account in seconds and get your project started immediately.


Requests are completed within 7 business days after submission to our team.


Have an issue or a question? Our support team is available via chat and email.



After working with us, you will have:

  • Complete email sequence written and setup that will convert your social media followers, email subscribers and website visitors into paying customers.

  • Money-generating sales page that will close the deal without you having to answer repetitive questions or figure out how to explain the value of what you sell. 



Just like you, we have an ideal client. Our most successful projects are when we partner with:

  1. Existing entrepreneur who is already making money online and wants to take their business to the next level by adding passive income to the mix.

  2. New entrepreneur who is ready to launch that product or service but needs some structure around how to market it.

  3. The coach who is tired of doing free initial consultations that don't convert into payment notifications. 

  4. Consultants or service providers who don't have time to serve clients and focus on marketing their services as well.


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Customer Reviews

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Thorough as hell!

WOW! This process was long (to fill out the form) but WELL worth every minute. I have the most funnel that feels like it was legit written by me to make me money in my sleep. I am not an email marketing whiz - I'm a coach, so the team really hit the nail on the head with this service. I loved it! Thank you :)

A Solution for Overworked Founders

This is for founders who:

Are ready to develop an integrated marketing strategy that they can delegate

Have at least one team member to support marketing or a budget to hire within the next 60 days

Generated consistent revenue in business and are now looking to take their existing success to the next level

This isn't for founders who:

Enjoy handling their day-to-day marketing and posting on social media every day

Want a quick fix for their marketing or to focus solely on Instagram for revenue generation

Have no budget or desire to hire/manage a marketing team member

You’re SO done with….

Spending hours trying to hack the algorithm and create more content. Thinking more content and consistency is the answer. Spoiler: it's not.

Doing a ton of research and taking multiple courses, hiring coaches and simply NOT seeing the results you want. You keep inveting, but the DIY approach has left you unclear and confused about how to move forward confidently with your marketing. 

Not sure if this is for you?

Complete an application and we will let you know if you are a good fit.