Real talk, your current marketing process hasn't been working for you. Here are a few reasons why:

Figuring out promotions on the fly is causing your sales to be underwhelming at best and inefficient workflows have you executing tactics that don’t tie back to any KPIs.

Organizational chaos and confusion that drags down morale and increases the workload for everybody. Now you have to micro-manage everything which removes you from your role as CEO.

Your funnel is broken and you're missing revenue goals, but you have to neglect gaps and bottlenecks. There isn't enough time for you to show up on social media and address bigger operational issues.

Introducing the One Day CMO Intensive, the VIP Day experience that turns "doing it all" entrepreneurs into strategic CEOs.

Without a marketing strategy, your team will have no direction, will not understand your vision, and will not be able to execute without your constant input. And nobody has time for that. 

  • Pre-Work and Intake Call

    At least 2 weeks before your VIP day, you’ll submit a short intake form and hop on a 30-minute call where we’ll collect your last 12-months of data and create your custom tracking dashboard. I will also get an understanding of what your current pain points are to customize your VIP day experience.

  • Your VIP Day

    During our 5-hour session, we'll review the initial strategy I have developed based on the pre-work. Then flesh out the rest of your plan and workflows encompassing ideal target segments, brand voice guidelines, marketing channels, projections, quarterly objectives, and 12-month calendar.

  • Post-Intensive Support

    Once we map out your year-long marketing strategy, you and your team will receive access to our training hub with marketing execution tutorials and templates. After 30 days, we will wrap up your intensive with a 30-minute follow-up call to work through any issues that came up as you put your plan in motion.

how it works

The Agenda

[12:00PM] Your Marketing Strategy and Customer Journey

Lunch Break

[1:30 PM] Mapping out Your Sales Funnel and Calendar

[3:30PM] Marketing SOPs and Brand Guidelines

Once we create have your strategy, we document the marketing support and develop and workflows for your specific business.

[5:00PM] Wrap Up

About The Facilitator

I have worked my way up from communications coordinator to marketing director, and I’m ready to act as your CMO for the day. The specific curriculum I am teaching was birthed from my experience as a business owner and a senior marketing employee for startups and Fortune 100 companies.

I've worked directly with dozens of CEOs in the last decade.

Not slowing down to develop and document your strategy will result in higher employee turnover, unmet revenue goals, chaotic team culture, and underperforming KPIs. Yes, it’s that serious.