How to Maximize Your Webinar Strategy with 1 Simple Tactic

How to Maximize Your Webinar Strategy with 1 Simple Tactic

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The Problem with Webinar Funnels

If you've been doing any kind of marketing online this year, you've probably heard of a very common funnel called the webinar funnel. The problem is that 90% of people miss out on the opportunities to maximize their webinar funnel because they aren't doing this one thing.

Let's think about a typical webinar scenario.

You put all your time and energy into creating the slides, you invite people, maybe you run ads, you're posting and promoting, you're writing emails and you're getting signups, but then only about 20% of people actually show up live and an even smaller percentage are going to actually watch the replay. So how do you maximize all of the effort that you've put in to promoting your webinar and getting registrations if people aren't going to be watching it? Well, I have a solution for you.

90% of coaches, consultants, service providers, and just online marketers who use webinars as a part of their sales funnel do not do this one thing, and it is using the webinar registration process to collect feedback via a survey.

Why You Should Do a Post-Registration Survey 

And I know you're probably like, what are you talking about? Here's why you should do this:

1. Get data so you better understand your customer.

Once you have somebody sign up to your webinar, having a survey be served up to them directly after registration with just a short couple of questions allows you to learn more about the people that you are attracting. And on the back end, once you have converted those people, it will allow you to learn what the demographics and some of the trends are of the people who actually ended up buying.

2. Understand trends across different phases of the customer journey and optimize your messaging in each phase to increase conversions. 

By adding on this survey to the back of your webinar registration process, regardless of how many people show up or don't, you're able to gather information on what makes someone a lead, on what makes somebody convert, and what are the key trends and characteristics of the people who show up live and buy from you so that you can then tweak your marketing messaging, tweak your funnels, tweak your emails to attract more of those people. Another way that you're gonna use it is to inform what you say in the webinar.

3. Improve your webinar content and cut the conversion time.

By capturing data before you actually teach your webinar live, you can manipulate your material, you can update the things that you will be talking about inside of the webinar to make sure that it resonates with those who are going to show up. It's going to sound like you are in their head, and clearly understand their pain points because you ask the questions to do so. Now, you don't miss out on the people who registered, but you also get insight into what exactly they're thinking, what they're wondering, and what their top questions are that you can answer within the webinar. 

It allows you to not only cut the conversion time because you're able to speak directly to their objections and speak directly to the things that they wanna know, but also you're able to collect data to use in the future for other pieces of marketing content like advertisements, emails, and social media posts.

How to Setup The Post-Registration Survey 

Now, before you get all stressed out about the tech, it's going to be very, very simple.

  1. In whatever webinar software you have, you're going to send out a confirmation email.
  2. Within that confirmation email, you're going to ask people to complete their registration.
  3. By completing their registration, all they're going to do is complete a short three to five question survey that you are going to add into the email. You can use Typeform, you can use Google Form, you can use some things that are built natively into software like WebinarJam, Zoom, Kartra or Kajabi.
  4. Another way to promote it is to make sure that you include this same link in all of your reminder emails and allow people to ask you questions ahead of time.
  5. And if you wanna get really fancy, you can embed it inside of your confirmation page, which is a page that most people who register for your webinar will land on and will see.

Supercharge Your Webinar Regardless of Attendance with These Questions

Again, even if folks don't actually show up live because things change in their life, they get busy, or forgot, you are still able to understand what made them sign up by having this survey directly following the registration. And if you're wondering what are some questions that you can ask, here are a few to think about.

1. Qualifying Question

The first question you want to ask is going to be a qualifying question. Think about the top qualities of your leads. When you think about your clients and your customers, what are the main things that they're struggling with and experiencing in order to make them a good fit for your offer?

This will allow you to quickly be able to gauge what types of people you are getting on the webinar and if you are speaking to the right folks in your ads, in your emails and in your promotion so that you're getting the people who are actually going to buy onto the call and the presentation.

Example: If you have a webinar for real estate, and you know that your top clients usually have about $10-$50,000 to invest, the first question that you're gonna ask is: "How much money do you have to invest in real estate?"


2. Roadblock Question

The next question that you must include is understanding what their main roadblock is. What has kept them from solving their problem previously? What is the main thing that's holding them back from accomplishing the results that they want?

Based on your existing customers, you should have a list of about five or six things that are keeping them from reaching their milestone or goals. 

After you have completed sales, you can look back at the questionnaire and see what were the main roadblocks that the people who ended up investing were struggling with? This will help you outline your webinar and attract the people who are struggling with that specific objection or that specific roadblock.

Example: "What has been your biggest obstacle to investing in real estate previously?" It can be a set of checkboxes or multiple choice. By not having it open-ended, you're able easily export and visualize the data.


3. Alternatives Question

Another really good question to ask is around alternatives. What have they already used to try to solve their problem? What have they been searching? What have they been trying to do? If they are Googling, what are they Googling? Have they tried other programs? Have they gone through other avenues to try to solve their problem?

It's important to understand what alternatives your leads are considering in order for you to be able to quickly and easily differentiate your offer from the things that they are already trying.

Example: "What have you done to increase your knowledge in real estate investing?"


4. Open-Ended Question

And last, it's always important to leave an open-ended question just to understand what they're most to learn, what they're most excited to be receiving from the webinar, and what value that they're looking for so that you can ensure that you're delivering that in your presentation and making the most out of your time together.


By adding this really simple strategy into your webinar funnel, you're really able to maximize the leads that you're probably paying for through social media advertising. You're able to understand your leads and your prospects in a totally different way, and you're able to use all of the data points that you're gathering to constantly inform your marketing each and every week, month and quarter as you update your funnels and the content that you are using to promote and to market your business.


Chime in: Let me know if this is a tactic that you've heard of or that you've used before. And also let me know if you're planning on implementing it in your own webinar funnel.

A lot of my clients that I've implemented this for have seen amazing results and have really been able to maximize their webinar efforts, not only by increasing the show up rate for their webinar, but also by collecting information and data on their ideal customers. In my opinion, it's really one of the most underrated marketing tactics that you can use to inform your customer journey and one of the best ways to improve the messaging that you are including across your marketing.


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