Your marketing is holding you hostage. Here's how we know.

You can't delegate because you're afraid of wasting money

AFRAID of hiring the wrong people to handle your marketing. A proven system and strategy would give you the confidence you need to get to delegate.


Plus you're DISAPPOINTED with the time and money you’re spent on "strategies" and courses, that don't provide you with any tangible deliverables and still require you to do everything. 😫 You know, the opposite of delegation.


Now you're OVERWHELMED and unproductive, because you don't have a long-term plan, so you're promoting on the fly.

Your marketing efforts rely on your face, your revisions, or your ideas

You can’t strategize because you’re always showing up to sell, and your abilities to hire, delegate, and scale are suffering. You're too busy...

Pointing at words on reels

Writing or approving captions, emails or copy

Brainstorming content and creating content calendars

Going live or posting daily because your sales depend on it

Sitting in Canva trying to design posts

Trying to figure out adsFielding customer service requests in your DMs

Handling sales calls

Sitting in endless meetings

You're the marketing brain and promotion is done on the fly

You need a sustainable and documented marketing strategy and SOPs, so that you can hire a team that can works independently and finally promote yourself to CEO. You're ready to spend your time:

Documenting your vision and goals

Defining benchmarks for success

Designing processes that will improve customer retention and increase customer satisfaction

Hiring and developing the right teamIncreasing profit margin

Developing partnerships and collaborations while managing key relationships

Adding new lines of business or developing new products

Ensuring the company has the capital it needs to sustain and grow


Let's get marketing off your plate and running on autopilot

One-on-One Intensive

Hire me to develop your marketing strategy, 12- month marketing plan, and train your team to execute your day-to-day marketing activities.



2023 Marketing Toolkit

Inside workshop and template bundle, you will learn how to develop an integrated growth marketing strategy and execute the next 12 months of your marketing.


Book me to speak, hire me as brand ambassador or sponsor a workshop

Are you interested in a candid speaker or should teach a partner known for her authenticity, value-driven content, and ability to connect with over 50,000 women of color around life and business? Hire me to speak inside of your program or your virtual or live events on the topics of sales funnels, marketing automation, and sales copy.